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Beware of False Prophets: Outline 2019



  1. Started the year out with the “Bait” of Satan
  2. Thought I was turning away from that series, and turned to the commands of Christ
  3. They seem to be running parallel to each other
  4. In the first lesson I talked about holding onto “offences”, one of Satan’s greatest tools to use against us is how we hold on to so called offences that occur in life, and how they keep us from forgiveness.
  5. In the last lesson which was based upon two verses, the great command to take the word to the world, and the parable of the sewer.
  6. Concluded with information about the true word
    1. It has been perverted in the dynamic translations
    2. It can be found in the direct translations,
  7. So, in this lesson we will continue with the deception of Satan.
    1. To take the word to the world, there are three things we must recognize
      1. Teach the correct word
      2. Teach the correct theology
      3. Study the word (diligently/ with passion)
  8. Tonight, I want to talk about the many diversions Satan offers us.
    1. We might call this a filtering down process, or a maze of sorts, we must find the right path, in order to do that we must have a list of wrong turns, in order to avoid making this mistake
  9. Tonight, I want to examine men’s teaching vs God’s teaching
  10. We will focus on the deception through doctrine


    So, let’s jump into the lesson by starting with an observation of our opponent.

    Tonight, I want to talk about the many diversions Satan offers us.

    1. We might call this a filtering down process, or a maze of sorts, we must find the right path, in order to do that we must have a list of wrong turns, in order to avoid making this mistake
  11. Tonight, I want to examine men’s teaching vs God’s teaching
  12. We will focus on the deception through doctrine

    We must realize there is a lie, and there is a truth, an absolute truth

    We must be able to recognize the truth from the lie

    There is a force attempting to hide the truth from us through deception.

We cannot rely on our own ability or judgement

What is the deception?


Mark 7:7 (NKJV) And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.


Matthew 24:24 (NKJV)For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.



  1. Satan’s Goal is to deceive the Christian
  2. Why? There is a great spiritual war as Satan wars against God for power over the universes
    1. The Christian is the foot soldier of God taking the word to the world to convert more people to God and leading them to eternal life in heaven.
  3. How does He do this?
    1. Satan is the master of deception, he is the all time great Houdini, or magician.
      1. A magician must have an audience,
        1. to be successful he must be able to deceive them,
          1. to do that he must create a diversion.
  4. What is the diversion?
    1. False religions
      1. Islam/ Muslim/ Hindu/ Buddhist/ etc.
    2. Why are they the diversion rather than the deception?
      1. We look at them thinking they are the deceived, yet even though they are, they are not the intended victim
        1. They are already deceived, and so are used as a tool to deceive those on the narrow path
  5. What is the deception?
    1. Getting the Church to follow a false teaching
  6. How does he accomplish this?
    1. I would like to refer to this as a “filtering” down process, however that would be for the true believer; Satan’s role is to offer us as many paths to deception as possible to get us off track.
    2. False doctrine
    3. Backed by false translation
  7. We are his victim, his target, the ones He hopes to deceive, God is His opponent,
  8. and we are God’s target as well
  9. we are the battle field of this great spiritual war.
  10. We must choose whom we will follow, the great deceiver or the great God.
  11. How do we choose?
    1. By knowledge to choose God
    2. By rebellion through knowledge, or indifference through ignorance to choose Satan
  12. If we have knowledge
    1. We will be an informed follower of Christ.
    2. Or, we will be an informed rebel
  13. If we do not have knowledge
    1. We cannot know God, His Word, or the Truth
    2. We will be an uninformed follower of Satan
  14. Satan knows we will not follow him if we know the truth, hence the lies
    1. We cannot know God without knowledge, the true knowledge of God

      We must be able to recognize two things the truth, and the lie

      And a third; that we can be deceived by the lie if we rely on our own judgment, the perception of our own wisdom, for if we attempt to out wit Satan we are out manned from the start.

      Three important issues:

      If we look at the diversion, we are in danger

      If we consider the deception, we are in danger

      If we study from a false translation, we are in danger

      Whenever we take our eyes of a legitimate translation; we are in danger.

      Considering the above, every time, for any reason, we take our eyes off the true word of God we are in danger.

      We must have a desire to know one from the other or we are condemned to follow the lie

      We must know we do not possess the truth, we lost it in the Garden of Eden, but gained the ability to know the truth from the lie.

      We must understand:

      In order to follow God’s word and teach it correctly we must study it correctly and understand it correctly; and apply it to our lives correctly.

      Evil: Knowledge of God’s word and willful disobedience; and willful distortion of the truth in order to deceive others.


The Lesson:

So tonight’s lesson is how do we keep our eyes on the truth that will lead to eternal life?


How can we mere humans know which the diversion is, and which is the deception perpetrated upon mankind by the greatest of all deceivers:


Point One

What is the deception?


Mark 7:7 (NKJV) And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.


Matthew 24:24 (NKJV)For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.




  1. So the first truth we discover is Satan’s stage, where does he perform? In the Church.
  2. Think about this how does a magician pull off his stunts? By creating a diversion with one hand, while doing the slight of hand with the other while out of view from his audience.
    1. How does he do this in the church?
  3. Let’s start outside the church,
    1. The World is not the stage
    2. The world is the set; the props for the deception
    3. Who do we normally consider the deceived?
      1.  Muslims,
      2. Islam,
      3. Hindu,
      4. Budist
    4. These are not the deception, they are the diversion
        1. They are already deceived, they belong to the evil one
        2. The Devil is looking to deceive the Christian
        3. Mention the Beatles; John Lennon
  1. But that is not the deception, that is the diversion with one hand, while the other hand, out of sight is doing his true deception in the church.
  2. de·cep·tion vs. Diversion
    1. deceit, deceitfulness, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, cheating, trickery, chicanery, deviousness, slyness, wiliness, guile, bluff, lying, pretense, treachery; you get the idea

    2. diversion: Misdirection this is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another.

  3. Mark 7:7 tells us where to look… Satan’s deception is found in the congregations teaching a humanly created doctrine….
    1. Namely Calvinism,
    2. I thought,
    3. Calvinism was simply an honest misunderstanding of scripture
    4.  because I didn’t study it, but was trusting my own understanding
    5. As I prepared for this lesson I discovered Calvinism is not bible based but man’s doctrine as mentioned in Mark 7:7
    6. Calvinism is based upon Gnosticism and you will find no biblical ground for any of their five points.
    7. The counter to Calvinism comes Arminianism
      1.  completely biblically based, so now we know which group the deception is,
        1. Interestingly; many who think they are Calvinist are not by pure basic precepts, they have been told they are and accept that
        2. Most have never heard of Armininism
      2. reject anything that cannot be tested by the fire of the word.

  1. But we know it doesn’t end there does it?
    1. Satan will never give up, he will until the day we die attempt to deceive us in some way, and we are helpless lambs being attached by a vicious wolf, never deceive yourselves thinks, ah now, I have arrived…. Satan can no longer reach me.

  2. We looked at the various versions of the Bible last time, right, and found many have been perverted,
    1. the dynamic versions are the translations perverted by the lies of Satan…. Not a lot that would be obvious, but in small areas, maybe just changing one word here or there, and in fact in at least one case removing an entire verse.
  3. Now we recognize the next level of deception and avoid it and again we beat our chests and say “ah now” I have arrived at the safe ground.
  4. Satan never gives up.
  5. Even though you have found the right doctrine, the right church, and the right translation to study, he will still attack you….
    1. Personally,
      1. in your thoughts,
      2. attitudes,
      3. in your family.
  6. Think of it this way, it takes our eyes off the hand doing the deception and puts them back on the diversion of the other hand.

  7. and we give Satan a small edge, a crack in our armor and he will work it and work it, until he breaks through our weak point, and again comes the attack.

  8. Our defense while in this great spiritual war

    1. We must grow, God’s word must get deeper and deeper into our psyche,
    2. it must become who we are.

So with that said, tonight’s lesson is focused upon the above verse, and then we will get into the other issues in future lessons.

2 Timothy 2:15 Be DILIGENT to present yourself APPROVED to God, a WORKER who does not need to be ashamed, RIGHTLY DIVIDING the word of TRUTH.

Test all doctrines by the word of God: This tells me we must study and learn the truth only from the bible, and test biblically any position preached by man (Acts 17:11)


Point One: Focus on ourselves

  1. Are we willing to look hard at ourselves
  2. Parable of the man who built his house in a tree
  3. Are we willing to examine that tree?
  4. Are we willing to cut tear down our house and find a good tree to rebuild?
  5. Are we lazy?
    1. Do we live by bumper stick philosophy?
      1. Do we see things like:
        1. You must die to yourself
        2. You must love one another
        3. You must walk in the spirit
      2. Do we ever ask; BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????

Point Two Do we understand there is an absolute truth?

  1. The coin can only be either heads or tails
  2. Are we willing to truly seek the truth?
  3. Are we willing to put all things aside and seek the truth of God with blinders to all other things?
    1. Instead of reading novels; are you willing to read the bible, or commentaries regarding the bible?
    2. Are we willing to forget TV and seek the true meaning of those things just mentioned
  4. Are we able to recognize the truth?
    1. Are we truly willing to truly seek the truth
    2. Are we willing to forsake all in order to follow that truth?

Point Three: Are we willing to follow the truth no matter where it leads?

Breaking down the verse

  1. Be DILIGENT, what does this mean? Well let’s look at a few other corresponding words
    1. Hardworking
    2. Industrious
    3. Assiduous
    4. Meticulous
    5. Conscientious
    6. Thorough
    7. Attentive
    8. Careful
    9. Painstaking
    10. Persistent
  1. present yourself APPROVED to God
  2. a WORKER who does not need to be ashamed
    1. Shame comes at judgment day
    1. Search the Scripture John 5:39
    2. Remember what I said: John 15:20
    3. Let these things sink into your ears:  Luke 9:44
    4. Take heed therefore how ye hear”Luke 8:18
    5. Take heed what you hear: Mark 4:24
    6. Beware of the leaven (doctrine of the Pharisees” Matthew 16: 6, 12
  1. As we wait for the return of Christ remain ready, fight the temptation to follow the world
    1. Hold fast till I come Rev 2:25 & 3:2 – 3
    2. Be ready  Luke 12:40
    3. Wait diligently Luke 12: 35-36
    4. Do not care for the world… take heed Luke 21:34
    5. Do not look back, remember Lot’s wife: Luke 17:31 – 32
    6. DO NOT BE DECEIVED Luke 21:8; Mark 13: 5 – 6
    7. WATCH Mark 13: 34 – 37


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