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About Jim Carmichael

Jim & Jody Carmichael

First; My ministry is in the Prison System in Oklahoma, mostly in Hominy, Osage County, OK, at the Dick Conners Correctional Center.

I also preach to a small congregation in rural OK twice a month, sharing these duties with Jim Pinkston.

I believe there is only source of the Truth: The Bible/ Holy Scripture

the Truth which leads to Salvation comes from the scriptures only… I


reject all men’s doctrines such as Calvinism

All doctrines by men should be considered  false doctrine taught by false teachers intentionally  leading those who seek to follow Christ away from the narrow path that leads to eternal life.

Preach and Teach only from Scripture

I also believe the only trustworthy translation in the English Language is the direct translation, and that all dynamic translations (thought by thought) is a tool of deception used to mislead people, by leaving out critical verses, and adding or changing other verses that mislead the reader/ student.

I believe in the steps to salvation one must be baptized.

I do not believe in the “sinners prayer” God doesn’t listen to the prayers of sinners, and it is misleading people causing them to think the only thing a person must do is believe when their is no scriptural foundation for that belief.

I believe we are saved by the Grace of the Cross ONLY,

however we have work to do leading up to salvation, and following salvation… in other words we are not saved by our works, but can lose our salvation by the lack of works.

My focus is simple

  1. The steps to salvation

  2. Remaining saved

  3. Christian evidence (Apologetic)